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Fiduciary, Fee-Only,
Financial Advisor and Retirement Planner

Christopher Coleman, MBA

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"Am I going to be comfortable,
in retirement?" & "What should I do with my IRA, my Roth, my 401k, my 403b etc?"

Expert advice with investments and the big planning questions that are on many people's minds for retirement and growing their wealth:

Chris Coleman Financial Advisor Rochester NY

"I serve the hard-working men and women of the Rochester NY area..…. those that have worked hard, saved and sacrificed for many years for retirement, much like my own parents and family…..

….they deserve excellent treatment and to know their investment & retirement advisor is 100% in their corner, expertly working with them toward their financial comfort and overall well-being. And it is my goal to be the best financial advisor possible."


"I help you gather everything up to get started. And make sure every dollar is doing it's job." 

Financial Advisor serving individuals and families in Rochester NY,  surrounding areas and beyond. 

Most people share that they feel a sense of relief, and are happy they decided to take action to get started, to really know where they stand financially and know where they are going.

It's easy to set up a time to talk through what's on your mind, send me a message here and I'll get in touch to set up a 20-30 minute informal phone call.

Send me a message below and we'll set up a time to talk. Tell me just a bit about what's on your mind. 

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Watch my 45 second introduction video: 

My Mission as a100% Fiduciary and Fee-Only Financial Advisor

I got into this business for two reasons:

1) I've had a lifelong love of investing and planning, starting at age 14

2) I've been infuriated to learn what some people that are close to me had paid their advisor and how little they got for that money, and I wanted to do something about that

We all need a financial plan and guidance from someone we trust to prepare for the major shifts that come our way with our finances, health, and relationships. Each one of us comes with different histories, beliefs and goals for money. By truly understanding where you come from, my responsibility is to identify what to focus on to plan and protect for the lifelong financial stability of you and your family. I feel this is my utmost responsibility as your fee-only , fiduciary financial advisor, to stay on top of complexities for you. 


A well-crafted and updated financial and retirement plan is especially important as people approach the high importance decades - 10 years before and 10 years after retirement. This is the "red zone" when people transition from being a saver and investor to being a retiree and begin drawing real money from investments, pensions and social security for housing, health care, utilities, entertainment, gifts, etc.


Informed money decisions and consistent practices can make an outsized impact on people's financial and overall lives. I believe your financial advisor should be there for you if you like to "talk things through" on major decisions, both the financial part and the emotional part as well. 


I’ve found that talking about money is just like talking about anything that gives us feelings of uncertainty, or subjects where our guard is up: you’re likely to feel a sense of relief once you’ve done it.

I would love to have a thoughtful conversation with you. To learn about you and the people and needs that are important in your life.


Give me a call or drop me an e-mail just so that we can get to know each other a bit.


The conversation is easy & relaxed, and no preparation is expected to start.


(585) 270-6132

or click here to schedule a 30 minute call via Calendly 

Fiduciary First Financial Advising with Chris Coleman MBA

Let's Connect

To talk through what's on your mind-  message me here in the form

We usually start with an informal  20-30 minute  phone or video call consultation.


I promise to give you open and transparent information and answers.   

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Christopher Coleman, Financial Advisor, MBA

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