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Professional Growth

Christopher Coleman, MBA

Making Your Hopes and Dreams a Reality

Through the life experiences of raising two children, planning and paying for college, helping aging parents navigate finances and long term care, and losing parents, home purchases, sales and ownership, and managing a career: my family and I have benefited greatly from the stability of  having a financial plan and having investing experience.


I developed a fascination with the financial markets at very young age.  My early influence in finance came from my father, a career banker by trade.  From my father, I learned how money works, where it lives, and what conditions make it thrive. And how and why individual stocks performed the way they did. At 13, when other kids were memorizing baseball statistics, I was evaluating stock charts and reading books about mutual funds.  Financial planning and investing had caught my attention early, and I never looked back. Most importantly I learned that if I worked to make money, and saved, I could invest that money wisely to grow my assets.

Knowing my love for the field, I naturally got a lot of questions from family and friends. They told me that they find investing and planning to be a mystery and somewhat inexplicable. Their confusion has increased over time with the increasing complexity of markets and money, especially as people age and go through transitions, there are many concerns and confusion about their financial future.  In those open and honest conversations, I realized I had the ability to help a broad number of people translate complex financial movements, make them understandable, and help create an understanding of finance to enhance their own financial well-being.

Upon graduation from SUNY Brockport with a degree in business in 1995, I learned, to my disappointment, that much of the financial services business was really about pushing sales of stocks and not directly serving people’s needs. So, I chose a different career path that allowed me to experience being in business in several different ways.  In the meantime, I followed my interest in finance by trading, investing and planning for my own personal investments, and informally for friends and colleagues. Then my skill sets increased exponentially in the full-time program at the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester where I majored in both Finance and Marketing.

Throughout my life I’ve maintained and deepened my love of investing and realize that financial services have now become much more Planning and Goal oriented and beneficial in helping families and individuals.


We all need a financial plan and guidance from someone we trust to prepare for the major shifts that come our way in our money, health, and relationships. Each one of us comes with different histories and beliefs about money, by truly understanding those differences, my goal is to help you by identifying what to focus on to plan and protect the lifelong financial stability of you and your family. I feel this is my utmost responsibility as your financial advisor, to stay on top of the complexities of investing and watch out for you and your family.


A well-crafted and updated financial plan is especially important as people approach the transition decade, 10 years before and 10 years after retirement. When people transition from being a saver and investor to a retiree drawing real money from investments, pensions and social security for housing, health care, utilities, entertainment, gifts etc.


I would love to have a thoughtful conversation with you. To learn about you and the people and needs that are important to you. Give me a call or drop me an e-mail just to get to know each other a bit. The conversation is easy & relaxed, and no preparation is expected to start. I’ve found that talking about money is just like talking about anything else that gives us feelings of uncertainty, or subjects where our guard is up;  you’re likely to feel a sense of relief for you and your family once you’ve done it.

Christopher Coleman, MBA

Fiduciary First Advising

160 Linden Oaks, Rochester, NY 14625

(585) 270-6132

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